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Boy's Lacrosse
  • Learn how to hold a lacrosse stick properly while throwing, catching, shooting and playing defense.
  • Know what equipment must be worn and how to put it on, take care of it, carry it etc.
  • Understand basic terminology:
    • Positions – Goalie, Defense, Midfield, Attack
    • Boundaries – endline, sideline, restraining box, midfield line, substitution box.
    • Horn! (Let them know they can sub when they hear this.)
    • Ball! Release! For GB’s
    • Here’s your help!
  • Understand basic rules:
    • 4 total players back on defensive end, 3 back on offensive end, 3 midfielders.
    • Cannot push from behind.
    • What is a slash?
    • Cannot touch ball with hand.
    • When ball is shot, chase it out!
    • Goalie has 4 seconds to get rid of the ball.
    • Offensive players cannot run into crease.
    • Moving picks.
  • Understand proper positioning on offense and defense
  • Spacing on the field and basic on ball body position.
  • Understand how to pick up a GB properly – both butts low!!



The U-11 program will enter with all of the above knowledge and then be taught the following:

  • Stick work for both hands – line drills, over the shoulders.
  • Understand substitution on the fly.
  • Defense
    • Proper  1v1 defense – footwork, angles, checks (pokes / lifts / drive on hips)
    • Proper transition defense – learn fast break formation (triangle) and rotation.
    • Proper 6v6 defense – make contact when man has the ball, when man does not have ball, get closer to goal as ball gets closer to goal.
    • Terminology – Hot, Fire.
    • Learn man down defense (House)
  • Offense
  • Dodges – roll dodge, face dodge, split dodge.
  • Understand where we want to shoot from on the field.
  • Proper transition offense – learn fast break formation (L) and the looks.
  • Off ball cutting.
  • 2-3-1 Offensive formation – what positions belong where.
  • Learn Man up formation (3-3)
  • Attackmen drop to restraining box and midfielder’s drop to midfield line on rides.




The U-13 program will enter with all of the above knowledge and then be taught the following:

  • Defense
    • Slide Package – slide from crease.
    • Have help man.
    • Double team once we slide – left foot, right foot.
  • Offense
  • 2-3-1
  • Value – everyone gets a touch.
  • Midfield dodge, adjacent attack cut through, shot or bang ball to X, push opposite side.
  • Special Teams (Ride)
    • Have one attack pressure ball, all others drop to restraining box and play anyone in front of them.
    • Have all middies drop to midfield line and not let anyone behind them.
  • Special Teams (Clear)
  • Have two defenders on wings, one middie low, one defender at midfield with other middies on either sideline. Get ball to the short stick!!
  • Special Teams (Man Up)
    • 3-3, step in draw a man and pass.
  • Special Teams (Man Down)
  • House – know spots and perimeter. How to play cutters.



The U-15 program will enter with all of the above knowledge and then be taught the following:

  • Defense
    • Understand slide and recovery.
    • Lock off defense (51)
    • Zone Defense (House with a crease)
    • Run a Long Stick Midfielder.
  • Offense
  • Understand once we push the backside, what our looks are – shoot, hit stretching attackmen, hit forward adjacent middie.
  • Understand our looks on (attack dodge.) – shot, forward adjacent midfield, curlback throw to our attackmen rotating to X.
  • Special Teams
    • Understand Box and One concept
    • Implement 2 basic, man up plays.